For Luxurious Interiors Set In Picture Perfect Environs, Kottayam Hotels!
15.07.2014 12:35

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A beautiful town known as the land of letters, lakes and latex and that’s Kottayam for you. It is the home town of many Malayalam newspapers and it has set a mark for itself in the field of education by becoming the first city in the country to achieve 100% literacy. This important spices trading center is witnessing rapid development. 

Kottayam is also home to ancient temples and Syrian Christian churches. Kumarakom and Wagamon are the popular tourist attractions of the place. Tourism and allied industries are the major revenue earner for the government. 

The other attributes of the town are being a health care center, shopping center and of course leading publishing center. Check into Kottayam hotels to savor the regional seafood delicacies. 

Kottayam Hotels: Exceeding Expectations!

Hotel Indraprastha is a four star hotel having decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Strategically located near the railway station the hotel believes in providing uncompromised luxury. Foodies can choose from the four restaurants depending on their choice.

Orbit the economy bar facility and Vineyard stocking the best international beverages awaits your welcome. Red Oak and Sky View are the conferencing facilities. 

Hotel Aida is a budget accommodation enjoying a strategic location close to tourist attractions and to the railway station. Having made a footprint in the hospitality industry the hotel suits both business and leisure travelers

Theos restaurant and Zeus Nest are the multi cuisine restaurants. Hosting conferences at the hotel is a pleasure as the hotel has three banquet halls and a board room. The hotel believes in providing unmatched luxury and endearing service. 



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