Silvassa Hotels – Offer Pleasurable Weekend Away from Metropolitan Environment
29.05.2014 11:50

                                        Silvassa Hotels | Image Resource : onesilvassa.com

Silvassa is located in one of the union territories of India and is also a famous tourist spot. It is present in Dadar and Nagar Haveli. Silvassa hotels have become popular in these recent years due to their pleasant location. They provide the people, who love adventure sports and all those activities related to them, a perfect ecstasy. The place is popular among the tourists very much. It also has several gardens where beautiful and soothing experiences can be captured seeing the scenic beauty. There are a number of churches in the city, which help in grabbing the attention of the tourists, who has helped increase the economy of the place.

There are many five-star, four-star, three-star and two-star hotels located near different tourist destinations and they are Ras Resort, Pluz Resort, Lotus Riverside Resort, Soubhagya Inn, etc. These hotels are well-known for their classy services at affordable and low rates. These hotels provide a warm welcome to the guests. They offer many types of rooms ranging from deluxe to super deluxe. Guests can also enjoy delectable dishes of many types prepared and served in the restaurants of these hotels. The dishes vary according to the needs of the people. Furthermore, the hotels help in giving a chance to the guests to experience trekking and hiking. Other than these, the health centre or spa at the hotel offers therapeutic experience to the guests.

The service staff of Silvassa hotels tries to look after the needs and wants of each guest so that they feel they are home away from home.


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